5 Great Reasons to Take a Camping Trip

5 Great Reasons to Take a Camping Trip

It’s quite easy to fall into a routine and forget about taking time to improve our quality of life; even in the smallest ways. There are an abundant amount of ways in which camping can help, not only with our mind and body but also environmentally. The type of camping isn’t too important either—as long as you’re outdoors and at one with nature, the benefits will be impossible to ignore. With ineffable scenery and minimal noise pollution, a camping getaway might be exactly what you’ve been looking for...

1.             SELF-CARE

Has your life been feeling a little lacklustre lately? It happens to the best of us - feeling as though there’s an obstacle in our path. It’s almost as if our mind and body are like computers that need updates often! We just need some time away to refresh our system and give it the break it requires to perform at its highest potential. Self-care is imperative and camping is a wonderful way to implement some well-needed care for yourself. Youtube channel Staples InTents speak about the importance of solo camping for self-care - he also recognises the fear of camping alone, which some people may find intense if they’re planning a solo trip. However, relaxation is key and I cannot think of a better form of relaxation than being surrounded by amazing views and other people who are wanting a getaway for the same reasons! Devoting some time to nature will help your mind and body alleviate any stress it was under before you arrived. It could also be a great time to finally give that digital detox you’ve probably been putting off for a while a try; trust me it’s worth it.


It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about why you’d want to go camping, however, it’s definitely an important one. There are many ways in which a family forest getaway can assist in reducing damage to our environment. Firstly, the reduction of pollution, not only in our air but noise pollution equally. Think about it, you’re not going to be at home having a 20-minute shower, driving around and sitting in traffic, or excessively charging your phone at home. Instead, you’ll be listening to the delightful crackling of the campfires, chirping of the morning birds, and potentially the cows mooing depending on where you decide to stay! Another factor is the aiding of better breathing. You may be coming from a city where pollution is high, making the switch to the cleaner countryside air, that much more tempting. Of course, it’s dependent on location, but you’re likely to be surrounded by trees which will feel a little like… premium air. Since “trees remove pollutants, gases and odors” it’s no wonder your breathing quality will improve. Last but not least, it’s more than likely that you’ll be wasting less water than if you were at home. Presumably, you will be a lot more sparing since it will not be in the next room over but maybe a little walk away. Even more so if you’re going wild camping—where you will have to locate your own water source.

3.             EXERCISE

Camping involves some physical work—carrying firewood, walking, putting up your tent, and any family or solo activities you have planned. It’s a brilliant way to keep your body moving and your heart pumping! I wouldn’t push any at-home exercises or jogging you do to the side, it will be the perfect place to get these done. Waking yourself up with a morning run at the campsite of your choice can be very rewarding. You’ll get to relieve any stress and likely be on a full tank due to better sleep without an alarm clock (that’s right, you wake up on your own time). Not only is running a good way to exercise while camping, but also yoga—and you’ll be in the perfect condition for the calming workout. Engaging and being more active can contribute to better mental health, including better sleep and happier moods. Hiking is also a valuable way to get some movement into your everyday life whilst camping. Instagram user @the_hillwalking_hijabi documents her hikes and it looks like a beautiful way to explore your surroundings and keep your body on the move. So, make sure you put camping down on your bucket list this year if you haven’t been already!


Spending some much-needed time away will inevitably bring you closer to both yourself and others. You will have plenty of time to: play with your kids (if you’re a parent of course), make new friends, and dedicate thoughts to your own well-being and how to improve or upkeep it. It’s always important to remember that quality time with loved ones is time well spent. Board games are a great companion to bring alongside your trip—especially if you’re on the competitive side. There’s plenty of time to sit through a whole game of monopoly instead of rushing to finish because you’re a sore loser; we’ve all been there and this time there are no excuses… Not only are board games a favourable addition, but you will also have enough time to play those sports or hobbies you’ve not been able to give much time to. Whether alone or with family and friends, it is definitely a bonding experience that you will never forget. I don’t know about you but it can be easy to get caught up with working life and forget to dedicate time to these areas of your life. What better way to do this than a relaxing camping trip?


If you are a dog owner, there’s a lot of campsites that are pet-friendly, and would be happy to welcome your extra family member. The copious amounts of space will be a great way for your dog to get some quick exercise in. If you’re restricted and not allowed to walk them on the campsite, don’t fear. There is likely to be plenty of suitable space nearby to give your dog a walk where they can sniff every tree and bench; just make sure you don’t forget your doggy bags! Depending on whether you are near a beach or lake etc, it will be exciting to walk your furry friend along the beautiful waterfront and let them explore. If this is something you would like to experience, there are many sites near charming waterfronts which may tickle your fancy… To be sure your trip goes perfectly, it’s important to enquire with the campsite and ask whether your pet is allowed on their grounds. Otherwise, don’t forget to snap a photo of your pup enjoying the ride there; don’t we all love the excited panting, head hanging out of the car window. It’s almost as if they needed a break as much as us!

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