Get out and active in nature and experience the wonders of the Great Outdoors with these fabulous heart pumping activites to keep you healthy.....body and mind!

Activity Level

Everyone has their own individual activity level. Activity level expresses the number used to calculate how active your overall lifestyle is. Whether you have a health condition, enjoy competitive sports or love moving around, at HolidayFox we'll tailor it to you!

Activity Type

The activity type classifies the activities are to be performed within a controlling area by one cost centre. 


HolidayFox presents the finest experiences in outdoor recreation and travel. With over 200 breathtaking adventure holidays and adrenaline-pumping activities, be assured that you'll relish memorable experiences through the platform.


Keep calm and carry on! These are some great places that are tranquil, calm and most of all relaxing!


Creativity flows through us all! You can find many crafting opportunities over our diverse array of activities and activity led accommodations. What are you waiting for - get those creative juices flowing.


At HolidayFox, you can expect to discover the world! As you travel, form new pathways and beat to a different rhythm - you will explore, discover and conquer your way to Self-discovery.


Everyone deserves time out of their day for some fun! At HolidayFox we have accommodations and experiences that'll be enjoyable.


The ability to feel is powerful. We do this to feel and think and even bond or communicate with others.


Who doesn't love the festive season? Tis the season of love, happiness, merriment and lots of twinkling fairy lights - hurrah! Get into the festive spirit with some of these awesome activites and accommodations!

Fitness Requirement

If an activity has a fitness requirement it is listed here


These activities or experiences do not have a payment requirement.


Put a a smile on your face by trying something new and fun; HolidayFox offers so many different kinds of activites and accommodation that you will have a whole host of things to choose from!

High Fitness Requirement

These activities or experiences require a high level of fitness


Ever wanted to understand bushcraft? Or how to sail? Or navigate yourself around the trails of the Brecon Beacons? Learn something new today and book one of these informative activites or holidays with HolidayFox.


Try out some new and interesting things to do and places to stay at HolidayFox.


Learning is an innate ability in everyone. Acquiring new knowledge, skills and behaviours, are what allow us to develop into who we are today. A single event can be a learning experience - with children and adults learning something every day. We actively learn and retain our lessons for life.

Low Fitness Requirement

These activities or experiences require a low level of fitness


Everyone needs a treat every now and again, so spoil yourself with these amazingly indulgent activities and luxurious places to stay.

Moderate Fitness Requirement

These activities or experiences require a moderate level of fitness

No Fitness Requirement

These activities or experiences don't have a fitness requirement


These offline HolidayFox activities and experiences do not require access to WiFi.


These online activities and experiences require access to WiFi.


Paid Activities on HolidayFox.


Take your next secret escape and find your true inner tranquillity. Let go of life's stresses and relish in the true harmony the world has to offer.


Discover some lovely quaint towns and villages to to visit and charming places to stay with HolidayFox.


Let all the external pressures melt away as you transcend into a relaxed state. Relaxation allows you to decrease the effects of stress on your body and mind, allowing clarity and peace. It isn't only enjoying an activity, it's a way of life.


Forget the stresses of everyday life and treat yourself to some serious relaxing. At HolidayFox we pride ourselves in achieving the best activities and accommodations to ensure your trip is perfect!


Find your true love with HolidayFox. We have a range of activities and campsites which will leave you in awe. Whether you're on a self-love journey or with your partner, we cater for everyone.


The aesthetics you want with a style that's natural, aged, organic. Rustic resembles the simplistic but plain fashion, usually catering for the countryside elegance. Step into the world that is extremely different from that of people who live in towns and cities...


Bring peace and calm back into your life with these serene activities. And breathe......

Spectacular Scenery

Take Fest your eyes on the spectacular scenery that HolidayFox has to offer; home to green landscapes, the unspoilt coastlines and stunning landmarks.


Everyone can be sporty! While some sports require a high fitness requirement, many require little to none so give something new a go! Whether it is running a triathlon or doing some wild swimming, there is a spot out there for everyone!


Check out HolidayFox's surprise selection for the best, unique and action-packed experiences.


At HolidayFox we take pride in helping you find the discovery that is unique in history. Unlike anything else, be assured you will have a special, but unusual experience with us.

Wildlife Haven

These places are a true wildlife haven. Back to nature, quiet and serene. Explore them now!


The interpretation of being Zen is different for everyone, but in essence it is the feeling of being completely alive. It is synonymous with simple thoughts, mindfulness and calm.

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