Experiences in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK


When you are on holiday, taking a weekend break or even just a night away, the chances are you might want to do something while you're there or explore what's on in the area. It could be booking a river trip, a visit to a museum or wildlife park, or it could be something a little more wild like white water rafting, axe throwing or a high wires course. Whatever you fancy, jazz up your trip with something a bit different and have a look a the wide variety of experiences available near the accommodation.

Indoor and Soft Play Areas

Whatever your child's age there is always something to enjoy.

Cinemas and theatres

Trying to find shelter on a rainy day or enjoy a fun evening filled with laughter and popcorn? Visit one of the 775 cinemas in the UK to catch up on the latest blockbuster film releases!

Museums and Art Galleries

The UK has a huge array of museums and art galleries for you to enjoy. From the big hitters in London, such as the Natural History Museum, V&A, Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery, to exciting living museums where your family can step back in time (such as the Black Country Museum in the West Midlands or the Highland Folk Museum in the Cairngorms). These Museums let your kids get hands-on with history, attending School and learning about farming, crafts, and much more.


Climbing is a great way to test your strength, balance and agility. As both an indoor and outdoor sport it can be done whatever the weather! You can try out bouldering, climbing and traversing lower walls (around 3 meters) without the assistance of rope. Bouldering basics can be mastered in a few hours and climbing centers will have graded routes allowing you to start out on the easier paths and work your way up. Rock climbing or high ropes is climbing vertically with the assistance of ropes and using safety harnesses, the walls are around 15 meters tall. You will need a good nerve for heights for this activity! Again, beginner sessions are available as are graded routes.

Crazy Golf Courses

Crazy golf is a great way to spend an afternoon with freinds and family. There are loads of different types of courses, from simple to complex with different kinds of features. It's a great way to get started with golfing, and requires no previous experience to get going.

Parks and Playgrounds

Weather is too nice to stay indoors? Want to stretch your legs? Children need to run wild?

Stately Homes and Gardens

The number of heritage buildings still standing proudly across the UK is quite remarkable. Most of the UK's stately homes have hosted kings and queens, prime ministers, actors and poets – all manner of illustrious guests.

Ten Pin Bowling Alleys

Take you family and friends bowling for an afternoon or evening! Whatever your level or age, ten pin bowling is for the whole family and is the perfect location on a rainy day!

Painting workshops

Learn to paint or refine your skills...


Pottery is an ancient craft and great fun! Sometimes a little messy, anyone can have a go at either hand building a pot, or getting to grips with a throwing wheel. You can create something beautiful and uniquely yours in no time at all. Families can enjoy together and kids as young as 2 can play with clay, or have a go at painting a pre-made pot. It’s the perfect wet weather or winter activity.

Pottery Centres and Ceramic Cafes

Spend the day creating your very own handcrafted pot, vase, or bowl. Or if you have less time on your hands why not try painting a premade version?

Swimming Pools and Leisure Centres

Want to enjoy a leisurely swim or a splash with the family?

Tours and River Cruises

If you decide to take a holiday in the UK to an area you don't know (or maybe you do but want to know more), an excellent way of seeing around and actually getting to see the "best bits" is by taking a tour with a local guide or someone in the know.

Trampoline Parks

Get jumping at one of these trampoline parks! Great exercise, great fun, and a great indoor activity for those rainy days! Burn some energy by leaping and bouncing about these parks, learning new tricks, and having a fun-filled day!

Go Karting

Thinking of delving into the world of karting? We're sure you're raring to go! Well don't think twice and book yourself and friends or all the family on an ultimate go karting experience!

Pumpkin Picking

Hurrah, it's Autumn! That stunning time of year when the skies are blue, the air is crisp and the trees are turning that beautiful golden orange before-they all-drop-off colour. Christmas is coming, Bake Off is on the telly and before we all hunker down for the long nights ahead, we have a month or two of wonderful outdoorsy stuff to get out of our system. And most importantly, it is Pumpkin Season. Woo Hoo! Who doesn't love those creepily carved orange globes popping up in every window ledge from now until Halloween.

Railway and Transport

The UK is the home of the amazing steam train! This integral part of our lives and history means we are lucky to still have many running steam railways and transport museums and attractions.

Theme Parks and Funfairs

Aside from roving funfairs which can pop up in towns and cities for a week before travelling on and are a great bonus if you find one, the UK has many, many fantastic Theme Parks that are open all year round and provide a great day out for everyone in the family. Even the faint-hearted members who don't want to scream themselves hoarse on Oblivion or the like can take a gentle boat trip or something serene around quite often attractive grounds.


Discover what lies at the depths of the ocean...Your Aquarium visit will take you on a journey around the different zones of the world’s Ocean, from the local waters, all the way to the tropical seas of the Great Barrier Reef and everywhere in between! 

Arts and Crafts

Art and crafting are wonderful pastimes and something the whole family can be involved in, whatever age and whatever skill! Both children and adults can enjoy the wide range of things this relaxing (mostly!) hobby offers, from finger painting and clay modelling to sewing, woodcarving or basket making.


A leisure cycle is a great way to get the whole family out and exercising! It allows you to travel further whilst still getting to experience the local area. Why not take your family along the Camel Trail in Cornwall? Or Maybe go and hunt a Gruffolo in Delamere Forest, Cheshire, the possibilities are endless!

High Ropes Courses

Discover the trees like never before. Scramble, climb and jump through high rope assault courses, don't forget to bring your courage! A great outdoor activity for families and adults alike, and dotted throughout the UK. Why not try the adventure for a day out on your next staycation?

Indoor skydiving

Prepare to be completely blown away as you experience the adrenaline rush of an indoor skydiving experience!

Lakes around the UK

Discover some of the UK's most beautiful lakes...


Why not consider learning to sail on your next staycation? Take to the sea and harness the wind to discover the joy of sailing.

Zoos, Wildlife Parks and Safari Parks

There are a huge number of zoos, wildlife and safari parks all over the UK and most are well worth a visit and provide a really exciting and unique day out. The broad difference between them is that Zoos tend to keep animals with their own species in smaller enclosures for a real up-close encounter, whereas a visit to a Safari Park usually involves driving around much larger enclosures to see groups of animals - maybe rhino, giraffe and gazelle all in one setting. Some are self-drive (for a monkey snapping off your wing mirror type affair) or in others you are guided round in a truck, spotting lions and elephants from afar - similar to an African safari, just without the plus-size sunset, hot weather and flamboyant tribespeople (although lets not get too picky about this; most UK safari parks are just a couple of hours from home and do not involve remortgaging the house to go).