Uncover Cambridge

About 50 miles north-east London by train, lies the very beautiful city of Cambridge. At the heart of the city is Cambridge University, which is divided into 31 architecturally stunning colleges, the most famous being Kings College with its gothic chapel and annual Christmas carol concerts. You can wander through the University Botanic Gardens or admire some of the colleges - some of which charge an entrance fee. There is a lively market square to wander around and do some shopping or have some afternoon tea or you can hire a bike and explore around this very bike-friendly city. If you wanted to relax a bit, spend a morning being punted up and down the River Cam or even give it a go yourself.

Family day trips could include a visit to the excellent Scott Polar research museum or the Fitzwilliam Museum, which has antiques and exciting objects from around the world. Both of these are free of charge which makes the outing even more appealing!

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