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Chichester is a very pretty cathedral city in West Sussex with a small population of around 25,000. It has the Sussex Downs in the North and a beautiful harbour in the south. It was founded by the Romans; in the 3rd Century they build the town walls and today they remain the most intact Roman town defences in southern England; more than 80% of the original structure is still there and accessible to see. A City Walls Trail has been put in place to help explore the mile and a half route around the city.

In Fishbourne, just outside Chichester, lies the largest Roman residence ever unearthed in the UK and dates back to AD 75. This enormous Roman Palace was excavated in the 1960's and visitors can view the Palace corridors, stunning mosaics and the central heating system (Romans created the worlds first under floor heating!) from a series of raised platforms set up over the floors to get a close up view. The Palace was surrounded by formal gardens, some of which have been replanted using old archeological surveys.

Chichester harbour is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the network of small creeks around it make for great sailing or canoeing - all manor of watersports equipment can be hired here. You could also take a guided walk or choose a trip around the Harbour in one of the various boats, including a solar-powered boat or a Victorian Oyster Boat. The nearby village of Bosham sits in one of the inlets of Chichester harbour and it is well worth taking a trip to this enchanting place and wondering around. It retains an important place in Sussex history as the Saxon Church at Bosham is shown on the Bayeux Tapestry.

Delightful waterways, outdoor pursuits, stunning architecture, great family attractions and an extraordinary Roman history makes Chichester a great place to visit.

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