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Coventry is a vibrant city in central England with lots to see and do. It is well known for its stunning Cathedral; the original of which was destroyed during World War 2 bombings - its ruins stand beside the "new" Cathedral, preserved poignantly by the Church as a reminder of the destructiveness of war. So, the one place that is called Coventry Cathedral is in fact two buildings which lie at the heart of the City. There are some excellent museums in Coventry; the Transport Museum, which has the biggest collection of British-made cars, motorcycles and bicycles in the world, the Music Museum, the Watch museum and many others which delve into the City's history. Bagot's Castle in Baginton just outside Coventry is believed to have been built in the 11th Century; only the ruins remain but are very interesting historically and you can learn more about it in the visitor centre here. You'll find lots to do in Coventry and the surrounding areas so make sure you pay a visit!

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