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The cathedral city of Hereford sits on the River Wye in the West of England and only about sixteen miles from the Welsh border. The stunning cathedral is one of the main reasons that people visit this lovely city, where you can view the incredible Mappa Mundi - the largest medieval surviving map of the world - made 800 years ago and giving an extraordinary insight into how geography was understood in the 13th Century. Also in the cathedral a large chained library with all its locks and chains still intact; chaining was a security system for keeping books safe from the Middle Ages onwards, and you can still see the chained books here, in the original format that they were in as far back as 1611. An amazing experience. Outside the cathedral is a bronze statue of Edward Elgar, leaning on a bicycle - the composer completed many of his works in Hereford. Aside from the Cathedral, the city itself is full of delights to explore, wander past the half-timbered houses dotted along the River Wye or cobbled Church Street with its vast selection of quirky independent shops, art galleries and designer boutiques. The Old Market, now a vibrant spot, is a great destination for shopping and dining, with many excellent restaurants and cafes to choose from.

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