Explore Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne in North East England is an exciting place to visit, and you will be made to feel very welcome by the warm-hearted Georgies everywhere you go. A good place to start is by exploring the several iconic bridges spanning the Tyne, which link it to its twin city - Gateshead. The three most well known are High Level Bridge - the oldest, built in 1849 and opened by Queen Victoria, the hydraulically operated Swing Bridge, and the most iconic of all, the beautifully arched Tyne Bridge. The Tyne Bridge was opened in 1928 by King George V and at the time was the largest arch of any bridge in the world, and was considered a symbol of Tyneside's industrial past and new regeneration. Also worth a mention is the award-winning Gateshead Millennium Bridge, the self-cleaning, tilting marvel, built in 2001. Walking across is one of the top things for visitors to do when visiting the city. Away from the bridges and the lively Quayside (plenty of entertainment, shops and cafes here), the city centre of Newcastle boasts a great hub for shopping, from the independent shops in Grainger Town to the well-known names in Eldon Square. With accomodation to suit all budgets, and not too far from the coast if you want a seaside holiday too, Newcastle is a great city to visit.

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