Bigbury on Sea Mystery Treasure Trail

The Bigbury-on-Sea Treasure Trail starts at, Kingsbridge, South Hams TQ7 4AS, England
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The path guide and& a sea tractor?! Yes, you heard that right!While there's a lot of enjoyable to be had following a path, keep in mind this is a mission along with your band of detectives want to get towards the bottom of things on the Bigbury-on-Sea Mystery Treasure Trail make sure to remember your reasoning caps! Begin by getting your path PDF which has instructions to clues hidden all over the place. They'll be tricky to spot though so look.Bigbury-on-Sea is an attractive, seaside spot and a visit is not complete without a visit across to Burgh Island aboard the sea tractor. Young ones will cherish watching the waves frothing you ride across; similarly the golden (ish!) sands of Challaborough Bay would make an excellent spot for a dig and picnic beneath them because.