Blackpool Pleasure Beach Arena Ice Rink & Dance Studio

Pleasure Beach, Blackpool, Blackpool FY4 1EZ, England
Ice Skating
Ice sports
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Get your skates on and speed right down to Blackpool Ice Arena. This rink that is purpose-built the earliest worldwide and offers up hours of frosty fun.Experience life in the ice like many recreations movie stars just before, including one Olympic gold winner. Check out a class during the Dance Studio. Each one is run by a instructor that is qualified simply name a style, from Ballet, Jazz and Ballroom to Zumba, Pilates and Fitness; then end with Circus or Aerial Hoop! Parent and toddler sessions, beginners classes and power skate classes are available. They'll assist you to polish your techniques down for the family disco session! Throughout the rink.The arena normally host towards the renowned Hot Ice dance show if but, you wish to stay on solid ground, there's theater sitting. It stars championship performers from around the world and is a spectacle that is true. Then should your children fancy a go, check out of the ice that is annual event in April. Kids from from coast to coast can participate in, show their skills off and benefit from the nature of competition.

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