Alnwick Castle

Alnwick, Northumberland NE66 1NG, England
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Medieval knights, dragons, dressing up AND Harry Potter?! Alnwick Castle might actually be heaven on earth.The castle has a history that is fantastically rich you are welcome to explore with stateroom visits and exhibitions. Not only this but it's played host to some pretty film that is amazing, like Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and kid's favourite, Harry Potter! The resident witches and wizards roaming the causes encourage people to get robed up and be an element of the magic.The headline attraction has to be their Artisans Courtyard. Liven up, do quizzes and breeze the right path through a labyrinth to see when you can beat the dragon that is mythical the finish! Warning: not for the feint-hearted! Also enjoy occasions which can be unique Longbow and falconry demonstrations, old-fashioned musical shows and meeting locals like Peterkin, the court jester. His fire consuming, stilt walking antics has you laughing and gasping at one time!