Oasis Camel Centre

Orchard Farm, Halesworth, Suffolk Coastal IP19 0DT, England
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Baby and Toddler (0-3)
About This Activity

Think it strange to locate camels in Suffolk? Not that strange, the owners of the Oasis Camel Park have kept camels and their relations which are different a long time in most sorts of places. Now the camels are here combined with other users associated with the camel family members! Fun, educational, and uncommon: take batteries that are free the digital camera! Special educational presentations which are hands-on each day (indoors if wet). The centre also provides outside and indoor kid's play areas, and indoor play that is soft for toddlers, with bouncy castle etc. Plus crazy tennis, land train and mini maze! Camel rides and llama walks available (weather allowing) at an charge that is extra the admission price. Image "Meeting Sonny the camel" copyright Richard Gillin via Flickr / Image cropped vertically from original.