About Us - HolidayFox

How did it all start?

HolidayFox was created from the Founders' repeated frustration when trying to book family holidays; whether it be a weekend in the campervan or two weeks abroad.  With around 20 tabs open at any one time, the amount of data on offer was so vast and yet so limiting.  Aside from involving an expensive travel agent, how could we book a tailored holiday that ensured we got what we wanted: close to the beach, surf lessons, interconnecting rooms, canoe hire.  It was possible, but only after hours and hours of searching and then booking on several different travel sites.

Instead of being an exciting, inspirational holiday-booking journey, it became a stressful experience resulting in just making do with what was on offer, rather than finding a perfect holiday - tailored and personalised.  The kind of holiday you count down the days for.

So HolidayFox was imagined. 

What if a website inspired you with a whole raft of places to visit and stay and activities to book.  Where you didn’t have to experience the same holiday as everyone else and every day of your holiday was tailored just for you.  This was Jason and Richard’s vision.  And they set about solving the problem.

However, there was a fly in the ointment.  A covid-shaped one.  Just as HolidayFox was getting going in early 2020, all overseas travel stopped, campsites and holiday cottages were forced to close, hotels shut and experiences cancelled.  

Rather than being disheartened, the team at HolidayFox had a flash of inspiration.  What if everyone went on holiday in their own country?  Sound weird?  Well, apparently not.  Over the Summer and out of lockdown, the people of Great Britain set about enthusiastically getting to know their own island.  And what an amazing one it is.  The oohh's and the aahhh’s from our content writing team could be heard as far as the glorious Shetland Islands.  Have you discovered the breathtaking beauty of Pembrokeshire?  Camped near the rugged waterfalls of Scotland?  Canoed alongside seals on the Norfolk coast?  Coasteered around the beaches of Cornwall?  At HolidayFox we think it’s time to start…. 

The Team

We are a multi-national team of explorers, campers, parents, bloggers, travellers and adventurers.


Jason has spent most of his career working as CTO across hyper-growth platform businesses including Dawanda, Brainly, Wowcher & Living Social and Wimdu. When not at work he enjoys spending time with his family, kitesurfing and weekends away in the campervan.


Richard is a tech visionary and brings a wealth of expertise across a wide range of sectors including: Funding Circle, Wimdu and extensive work in the blockchain space. When not at work he likes to spend time with his family, brew his own beer and DJ.


Igor has spent his career travelling the world working across high growth products. From working at Atlassian in Vietnam on their launch of Jira and Confluence for mobile, to San Francisco at Arimo, a data science company (acquired by Panasonic). Igor lives in London with his family and has dreams of retiring as a bee-keeper one day.


Emilia is an expert in the business development of online products and has worked on multiple ventures including heading up the International team for DaWanda. She has lived and camped all over the world, and her passions are surfing, nature and cooking plant-based food.


Irina has spent the last 10+ years growing her own business in the media industry. She had previously taught an online journalism course at the university where she graduated, co-created a tech TV show and managed several international projects in education, privacy and media. In her free time, she loves reading and listening to books and exploring the UK’s hidden gems.


Alex has diverse experience across tech, health, tourism & hospitality sectors. An outdoorsman, passionate about action sports and loves to travel. When he's not working on growth projects you can usually find him with his family, on the water kitesurfing, up a mountain or camping in his caravan.


Kate worked for many years as an assistant to a Partner at Goldman Sachs, before she became obsessed with camping and jumped ship to write content for HolidayFox. Kate loves reading, writing and exploring the UK with her family in their campervan.  

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