HolidayFox Explorers Programme

Calling all adventurers! If you enjoy exploring the outdoors and are handy with a camera, we would love to get you involved in our new Explorer’s Programme.

Through the Explorer’s Programme, you can stay at gorgeous campsites and glampsites across the UK for free!  In return, we would love for you to capture the spirit of the site through the mediums of photography and basic videography. It is a wonderful opportunity to expand your portfolio (especially if you’re a new photographer!) and make use of some absolutely beautiful locations without any accommodation costs - and, of course, friends are more than welcome to join you!

How does it work?How does it work?
  • Please complete the application form via this link

  • Through this, you will need to supply a link to your instagram/photography account so we can see an example of your work. If you don’t have access to this, please attach a Google Drive link or equivalent! Do check out our Shot Guide prior to submitting, so you know the kind of thing we are looking for.

  • Once this has been submitted, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted by one of our lovely team members.

  • Together, we will find a location, camp, and date which works for you!

  • From the trip, we’d like to receive 20 edited images of your stay, plus 5-10 shorter unedited video clips. We’d also love you to write a short review of your stay, picking out any highlights.

Your StayYour Stay
  • You’ll be staying overnight at a beautiful spot of your choosing - and we encourage you to bring friends so you get the full experience! Remember that the number you can bring will depend on the camp’s own policy.

  • We would encourage you to arrive by mid-afternoon latest, so that you make the most of your time there.

  • While you don’t have to stay the night, it is encouraged so that you get a rounded impression of the site.

  • Other than the task of snapping away, your time is completely yours! You are more than welcome to use it for other projects while you’re on site, and make the most of the space around you.

Submitting the Assignment

  • Once your stay is over, you will have a week to get the edited shots, video footage, and review to us.

  • This will be emailed to

  • After this is done, feel free to start organising your next trip with us!


Is there a limit on how many camps I can visit?

  • No! You can do as many or as few trips as you like, just make sure that you don’t over commit and are able to fulfil the number of trips you’ve signed up for.

Can I stay at the same camp more than once?

  • No - it is important that each camp gets represented fairly, so each host will only have one explorer visit them; we want to give all of our camps the time to shine!

Is there a obligatory number of assignments I have to do?

  • We’d love for you to pick up assignments when you can, but we don’t put a specific number on how many you need to do - we’re easy breezy and want to fit into your schedule so that when you go, you’re in the headspace to enjoy it as much as you can! We do, however, recommend that you do at least one a year, just so that we know that the people on our books are actively engaging with the programme.

  • Please complete the application form via this link

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