Hosting Standards

At HolidayFox we want to set a consistently high standard of expectations to which our incredible partners- hosts and experience providers - observe. All our hosts and experience providers should regularly review these standards, in order to provide the best possible experience when a customer books through HolidayFox. These are:

Covid awarenessCovid awareness

Covid awareness

As a campsite owner or accommodation / experience provider, you need to make your guests feel 100% Covid safe while we all all navigate the murky waters of coming out of lockdown and thinking about choosing and booking holidays. If you haven't already, then changes you can make as a host should include:

  • contactless check-in or self check-in, or if you do need to be there, then either an outdoor check-in or only allowing one group at a time inside.

  • an enhanced deep clean of shared spaces like toilet block, showers and cooking areas.

  • provide hand sanitiser, wipes, hand wash and disposable hand towels.

  • clearly signed social distancing reminders, posters and markers for the 2 metre rule if this is in operation.

Putting in place these measures, letting your clients know that you have done this and are adhering to the rules, will give them great confidence in booking with you!

Fire safetyFire safety

Be fire safe

Understand the laws and restrictions around campfires and barbecues - if indeed you allow them at all - and understand how to create a safe setup within the campsite or outdoor areas. Make sure that your guests who are staying understand the fire safety regulations and stick to them. Print fire safety essentials out if need be, and put posters around the campsite (or any accommodation which allows fire pits) to remind people to keep safety in mind, both for themselves and others around them. Make sure emergency information (999 and other local help) is listed clearly.

Providing a safe environmentProviding a safe environment

Don't overcrowd your campsites

Not only do you need to think about social distancing, but people coming on holiday need privacy and space, and it is your responsibility to make sure that everyone is happy and has a good amount of distance between them and the other campers!

Be hazard aware

Make sure your campsite / accommodation / shared areas are clear of any potential hazards. Look around to see if anything can be tripped over, repair exposed wires and if there are any areas of potential danger, they should be marked very clearly. Stairs should have adequate railings. Children's areas especially should be a hazard free, safe space. Again, make sure emergency numbers (999, local hospitals etc) are visible in case they are needed.

Local dangers

If the site is near water or anything that could be deemed hazardous, then please make sure necessary information is provided - both on your listing and onsite.

Community SpiritCommunity Spirit

Love thy neighbour

If you are running a campsite, holiday accommodation or providing an experience then you need to make sure any close neighbours are aware of it too, and that if anything is going to affect them (increased traffic, noise, extra signs on the road, views blocked), let them know you that are open to feedback.....and compromise!


Parking needs to be provided responsibly so that extra cars don't cause any unwanted attention. Make sure that your guests understand local speed limits and noise curfews; this is important for both your holidaymakers and those who live nearby.

Keep it Green

Make sure that you get rid of rubbish, recycling, compost and human waste responsibly. Waste areas should be clearly marked so that guests can easily sort and dispose of their rubbish easily. If you do not provide this - on a wild campsite for example - then explain to them that they need to take all rubbish with them and leave the lovely land just as they found it!

Be a great host!

You can do this in lots of different and individual ways but the basics are always the same; be courteous, be inclusive, respond to bookings quickly, communicate with guests before, during and after their stay, address any concerns, keep your listing up to date so people get what they have booked with no surprises! Keep your booking calendar accurate and if at all possible, avoid cancelling any bookings. If you can do this and maintain good ratings, people will come back again and again. Happy hosts and happy guests!

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