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HolidayFox is a marketplace to connect accommodation and experience providers with people who are looking to book holidays. We are focussing solely on the UK, to encourage people to explore and go on holiday in their own country; we have seen a huge surge in staycations in the last year, and we want to encourage people to try out the UK as a holiday destination even more! The demand for holiday cottages has never been higher and we hope that this will long continue!

We are currently experiencing high demand for listing. If you wish to be listed on the site please click here to get started.

Listing your accommodation up to HolidayFox is completely free. As soon as you list, HolidayFox visitors will be able to see your listing and find out more about your accommodation.

It is also possible to accept bookings and allow customers to book directly through HolidayFox. You have complete control over your calendar and booking requests and when a booking is made, you will receive a confirmation email with all your guests details.

Once you start getting bookings, HolidayFox takes a 7% commission, plus a 3% payment fee, meaning you keep 90% of your earnings. Just so you know, this is where the commission goes:

  • a 3% processing fee which is paid directly to Stripe, our secure payment facility

  • social media marketing, newsletters and lots more to our HolidayFox community

  • customer service and support for you and your clients

  • hands on help to optimise your HolidayFox partnership and make your business successful.

You will be paid by us 24 - 48 hours after the booking is fulfilled.

Create a listing that fits the style of your cottage, villa, lodge or cabin and we will help you along the way if you need us. List your Accommodation today!

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