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Our aim at HolidayFox is to help families find and book their perfect holiday in the UK. That means accommodation, of course, but that's only the start of a truly great holiday - what families really want is to be able to book awesome things to do when they get there; to tailor their stay with experiences, activites, days out. That might be hiring a bike, booking a llama walk, a yoga class, a guided canoe trip or pony trekking.

Whatever your business is, we have people who will be looking for it. On HolidayFox, customers can find you either by searching near the accommodation they have booked, or by location.

By partnering with us, we will provide the marketplace for your business to reach millions of families across the UK (and further afield!) who will be able to find you easily and book with you on our platform. Resources such as articles, social media, customer service (for you and your clients) and exposure for your experience will all be available to you.

It is completely free to sign up with us and list your experience. Once you start getting bookings, HolidayFox takes a 10% commission on your earnings, meaning you keep 90%. So you know, this is where the commission goes:

  • a 3% processing fee which is paid directly to Stripe, our secure payment facility

  • social media marketing, newsletters and more to our HolidayFox community

  • customer service and support for you and your clients

  • hands on help to optimise your HolidayFox partnership and make your business successful.

So, to get started and join us in making the holidaying world a better place, contact us here:

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