Completing your listing: (for Campsite Owners)

Completing your listing: (for Campsite Owners:) 

Before you start to complete your listing, please make sure to have handy information regarding all of the pitches and accommodation (quantities of each, the services that you provide, max people etc.)

  • Once you have claimed your listing, log in to the partner website ( and follow the instructions to sign up in order to begin editing your listing.

  • When you have entered into your campsite’s listing, you’ll be presented with some information already inputted from the pre-listing, as well as some photos. Please feel free to edit/add to this by pressing the "edit" button.

  • (Regarding the description, we have a dedicated content writer who can do this for you but do feel free to add any information that you feel is relevant/important!)

  • When you have reached the “facilities” tab, please make sure that once you have chosen all the relevant options on “audience” for example, that you click the save button. If you switch to another tab such as “accessibility” without clicking save then the options will return to default. 

  • Once you scroll down to the accommodation/pitches tab, press the “add” button and choose the options that are applicable. (If you have glamping at your campsite; yurts, bell tents etc, then this will be listed as accommodation). 

  • When you get to the pricing type, please make sure that your pricing is correct (priced per person or per unit). If you include 2 or more people in the pricing of your pitch or accommodation, then please click “priced per unit”.

  • If you make a mistake in the pricing you will not be able to edit this. However please be in touch with us and our dedicated support team would be more than happy to rectify this for you. 

  • Once your pitch/accommodation has been created, edit the check in and check out times, and also the pitch type (grass/hardstanding etc). Please also fill in the description box with any information you may feel is important.

  • Once you have completed the description of the pitch/accommodation, fill out the remaining sections such as rules and restrictions and accommodation categories allowed at the pitches (caravans, motorhomes, tents etc). Once again please make sure to click on the save button before moving on to anything else.

  • For your accommodation, you will come across a separate section for the rooms. (For yurts, bell tents, shepherd’s huts etc this will be listed as a common space instead of a bedroom).

  • Once you get to the pricing section, you will need to exit the pitch/accommodation’s page and go back to the main listing page of the campsite. You can do this by clicking the “back to campsite” button on the top of the page. 

  • Scroll down to where it says “Seasons, Special Dates and Tariffs” and click on the “add new season” button. You will then be prompted to add some information regarding your seasons. (If your pricing remains constant through the entire year then you need only to make one season which will be your ‘standard season’). 

  • However if you have different prices for different months, for example a high season during the summer holidays and a low season during the first school term, then you need to add different seasons in order to reflect this. 

  • Once you have completed inputting your seasons, you need to add your tariffs too. Your tariffs are the daily pricing rules that you have during the week. For example, if you have a 2 night minimum stay during weekends, but a 1 night minimum stay during the week then you will need to add 2 different tariffs. Likewise you’d need to add 2 tariffs if you have different pricing during the week in comparison to the weekend. (If your pricing rules remain constant then you only need one tariff).

  • After adding your tariffs, you also have the option to add special tariffs. This would apply to any different pricing you may have over bank holidays, Christmas holidays etc. Click on the “special tariffs” tab and add a new special tariff, you will then be prompted to add the new pricing rule. 

  • If for example you have different pricing on a bank holiday where your rates may be higher, then select the “PRICE” option. If however you may have a rule where there is a 3 night minimum stay for a bank holiday, then choose the “BOOKING” option and put in the minimum night stay. 

  • If you scroll down further on the page you will also have the option of adding extra products. This may include things such as awnings, dogs, hot tubs, pup tents, barbecues, car parking or anything else that you may charge extra for at your campsite. 

  • Please make sure to put in the correct pricing type (per night, per item, per stay etc) and charge type for your extra products. Always make sure that the “products included” is always 0 unless the first product purchased is for free and complimentary as part of the stay.

  • Once you have completed this, go back into the page for your pitches/accommodation and scroll down to the pricing section. Click on “add a new price” and you will be prompted to select the season and the tariffs that you entered on the previous page. Here you may add the pricing that is applicable to each season and tariff.

  • Once you have saved this, you may also scroll down and add the extra products. 

  • Finally you must add the cancellation policy for your campsite- without it your listing will not be able to go live on our website. In order to do this, go back to the main listing page and scroll to the bottom and choose the options that reflect the policy of your website. 

  • If you don’t have one, or if your cancellation policy isn’t compatible with the options presented, then please opt for the no refunds option and we can discuss the cancellation policy further. 

  • Once you have completed your listing, make sure to press the live button located at the side of each pitch/accommodation section on the main page and click “publish” located at the very bottom.

  • If at any moment you need help in completing your listing, or you would like us to edit it on your behalf do not hesitate to contact us!

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