Camping just got way more interesting with the arrival of some super quirky glamping options. How about staying in a jet for the night - grounded and decommissioned of course! This accommodation will make you feel like the king of the skies - some airplanes even have the cockpits still in place where you can sit at the controls before heading off to cook some food and sleep at the other end of the plane in true luxury. A real treat.


Beautiful Airstream trailers - an iconic sight and one that inspires adventure, travel and road trips are one of the most beautiful things on the road. With their aerodynamic aluminium design you can travel in luxury and stay in comfort. Either hire one for your road trip or book an Airstream on a campsite - nestled deep in the woods for that romantic getaway.

All Accommodation

There is a wide range of accommodation all over the UK to suit every holiday, every budget and everyone. Whether you are going with family, friends, on your own and whether you are cycling, hiking or taking your own campervan, there is so much to explore in the UK and so much variety! No two holidays every need to be the same. Have a look at the wild and wonderful accommodation on offer and find your perfect stay.


If you want to see a place like a local, book an apartment to stay in the heart of a bustling city or vibrant market town. With so many apartments to choose from you can make your perfect holiday exactly as you want it.


The UK has got some absolutely superb barn conversions, many turned into luxury abodes for you to stay in and enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside. S

Bed and Breakfast

Enjoy a wonderful holiday at one of the many guest houses offering bed and breakfast accommodation for holiday makers all over the UK. From the Scottish Highlands to the beaches of Cornwall, there are so many wonderful hosts in wonderful houses - ranging from lavish to quirky! - who want to throw open their doors and provide a fantastic bed and breakfast experience for their guests. For a stress free break in someone else's lovely home, explore the places offering Bed and Breakfast accommodation in a place you would like to discover.

Bell Tent

Bell Tents, with their recognisable shape featuring one pole in the middle and billowing canvas making up a mini circus tent style affair, are one of the prettiest and most recognisable tent styles around. They are increasingly popular now among campers who want a stylish yet resilient abode for their camping trip, and the large size means you can get a whole family in without anyone squashing or crouching. Many campsites now offer Bell Tents as a glamping option which are set up for you, meaning a whole lot less hassle and a whole more time to get your bunting and fairy lights attached. These pre-erected tents can range from empty - you bring all your own garb, blow up mattress and all - to fully furnished, often including wood-burner, a gloriously comfy bed and sofas. It's up to you how 'back to basics' you want to go, and this is the joy of the Bell Tent. You are certainly still camping....but for those who like a few home comforts, then there are some incredible tents to choose from with comforts that aren't too far off those of a luxury hotel. All hail the Great Outdoors!


For something a bit different on your next trip, why not holiday on water instead of dry land and book a stay on a boat. Whether you are relaxing in a marina, setting sail down the Norfolk broads or mooring up in Salcombe, a boat stay can really make for an incredible holiday.


A Scottish bothy - traditionally - was a small house in a remote location; a basic shelter which was left unlocked and available for anyone to use who was in need of a roof and a bed for the night. Sounds rather romantic and wonderful doesn't it? Well, these days you can book a bothy for a trip away out of choice....not just because you are stranded on a mountainside with no torch and a flock of sheep for company. They are gorgeous places to stay. Calm, relaxing, off the beaten track, these are simple (or sometimes not so simple) retreats to rest, switch off and appreciate the peace and quiet of the surrounding countryside.

Boutique Hotel

If you want to treat yourself to a luxurious break, choose to stay at one of the many boutique hotels in the UK. Boutique hotels aim to be one of a kind, so whether it is a small hotel with a few rooms, or part of a larger luxury hotel brand, you can be sure of an upscale, individual and very fashionable bed for the night. For a one night treat or a longer holiday, you can find the right boutique hotel for you in all locations across the country.


Be the (bus) conductor of your own destiny and sleep the night in a double decker bus for an awesome experience under the stars. This is glamping with a real difference; luxurious, quirky and lots of room for everyone!


What better than to stay in a converted bus for your next glamping trip!


Whatever the season, a cabin stay is the perfect way to get away from it all; no one else clunking around in the next hotel room, just a peaceful, relaxing break - often tucked away on their own and miles from the stresses of everyday life. Booking a cabin is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature - whether you stay in the woods, by a beach or on the side of a lake - there are so many gorgeous cabins to choose from all over the UK. They can be rustic or luxurious, but all of these charming properties are a real change from staying in a regular house or hotel and offer a truly unique experience.

Campervan or Motorhome

If you have your own campervan or motorhome then you can choose from a huge range of fantastic destinations up and down the UK. These campsites welcome campervans and motorhomes and have a range of pitch types available.

Camping and Glamping

Camping is a complete joy. It is the family holiday (and experience) that once tried, will never be forgotten and more than likely, repeated again and again. Pitch your tent by a stunning Cornish sandy beach, on the shores of the Lake District or in the tranquil setting of the New Forrest....the world - literally - is your oyster. There are so many campsites across the UK; stick a pin in a map, load up the car and head off. Some campsites have more of a wild feel; fewer facilities, less noise and light pollution and no towns for miles around, for that twinkling starry night feeling of tranquility. Others are larger with lots of things on site to use if you want them; adventure playgrounds, farm shops, bike hire, some even have restaurants and swimming pools. Most will accept your furry friend (talking dogs not husbands here) and all usually have basic facilities, so don't fear, you won't be heading off into the forest with a spade, a loo roll and a red face. You can make it home from home, or you can cut off from the outside world completely (bar the odd sheep or Alpaca) for a real back to basics experience.

Canvas Tent

Sleep in a canvas tent for a wonderfully back to nature experience under the stars.


If you have your own caravan then the world is your oyster; explore the thousands of different campsites up and down the UK offering a whole host of different amenities. Whether you want to park your caravan at the edge of one of the many gorgeous National Parks or in a central city location, make sure you get the perfect spot for your holiday.


Sleep like a King or Queen in one of these magnificent castle stays in the UK. Treat yourself to unbridled luxury with a break in one of these historic palaces.


Take some time out from the everyday stresses of life with a holiday in a pretty chalet. Find a great selection of chalet's at HolidayFox.

Churches and Champing

Yes you can stay the night in a church! You've all heard of glamping? Well, it turns out that yurts and safari tents are rather last season. Book a few nights "champing" in a church and not only will you be camping out in a very historical, beautiful and spacious abode for the night, you are also helping The Churches Conservation Trust preserve these beautiful and ancient spaces for future generations.


Choose from one of the many beautiful cottages available for your next holiday or weekend break. Instead of staying in a hotel, why not enjoy a cottage with all the comfort and space you need for a relaxing holiday - it means that you have lots of room for all the family under one roof.

Country House

For something a bit special, book a stay at one of these stunning country houses in the UK. With beautiful bedrooms and lovely surrounding countryside to explore, these country houses offer something a bit special when you are booking a holiday.

Dome House

For a glamping holiday with style, how about booking one of these jaw dropping Dome Houses for your next trip. Modern, sleek and space-age looking, these striking structures are the coolest way to camp and offer bags of space and a serious amount of comfort. Choose between forest dwellings, star gazing domes, hillside domes and many others. This is camping with a difference.

Dorm Room

If you are on a budget, wanting some company or travelling with a large group, dorm rooms are a great option. They can be found all over the UK - in cities as well as remote areas - and provide a great base from which to explore your surroundings.

Earth House

Earth house, underground house, Hobbit Hole....all names for these gorgeous dwellings carved out of the earth. Many campsites across the UK are now offering really different glamping and accommodation options and the Earth House is one of them. Buried into the ground and often hard to spot, these quaint houses are cosy, warm and very unique! You'll never stay in a place quite like it again, that's for sure!

Experience-led Accommodation

Make the accommodation part of the experience and stay at a unique place that offers more than a bland hotel room.

Farm Stay

A farm stay in the UK is a wonderful holiday experience and a chance to get back to nature, explore the Great Outdoors and help out on a working farm. Many of the farms provide camping and glamping accommodation in yurts and shepherds huts, sometimes you can bring your own camping stuff and sometimes you can stay in the farmhouse. Wherever you stay there will be plenty of opportunities to feed the animals on the farm, take a tractor ride or sample some of the locally grown produce. It is a fantastic family holiday and a brilliant way to find out all about how hard our farmers work!


Uber-modern and looking like they've landed in from the future, Geodomes are one of the newer forms of camping that are becoming very popular. With more and more people wanting to explore the Great Outdoors, and not everyone fully embracing the good old fashioned tent for the night, glamping is now often on everyones wish list for an exciting and original holiday. Geodomes are magnificent. They offer a huge amount of luxury, comfort and warmth. Otherworldly looking, but blending beautifully into whatever backdrop they fill - whether it be lakeside, beachside or mountainside - the design means they often have stunning panoramic views - great for stargazing or watching the sun rise. Choose a Geodome for your next holiday in one of these fantastic locations.


If you love the idea of camping and holidaying out in the great outdoors, but you don't have all the gear or you just fancy a break from pitching your own tent, then glamping is the perfect solution. From treehouses and yurts to tree pods and shepherds huts, this luxury camping experience makes for a truly wonderful and very unique holiday. Some places are decked out to the standard of 5 star hotels for a really special stay, other glamping accommodation is more basic - there is something to suit everyone. Whatever you can imagine, however adventurous you want to be, glamping is really special holiday for absolutely everyone - whether you have camped before or not!

Glamping Pod

Glamping is a marvellous invention. It is for those of us who want all the benefits of a wonderful outdoor experience, but don't want the palava of dragging a tent across a field, playing cats cradle with ropes and poles and bringing their own saucepans from home. Glamping is genius: you are essentially camping, but everything is already set up - and you get some insulation from the chilly weather. Glamping pods are great; you are still very much living outdoors, but in the evening you have a warm place to lay your head without the flapping canvas. Most pods are small, cosy and wooden, and often domed - like the top half of an old fashioned gypsy wagon, without the wheels. They're awesome, functional and well equipped, and depending on high end you go, you might end up with a hot tub, a king sized bed and allsorts. Choose the right one to suit your holiday and enjoy a luxury version of camping!


With so many different accommodations to choose from on land, why not mix it up and book a place to stay on water the next time you go on holiday. The UK has an incredible selection of houseboats, beautifully bedecked and with bags of space inside and out for a truly brilliant holiday with friends and family.

Mobile Home

A mobile home - also known as a static caravan or park home - is a spacious and well designed alternative to a holiday house, usually offering bags of space and often in excellent holiday destinations. They provide a good value alternative to staying in a hotel and they have all the facilities you need for a very comfortable stay; kitchens, bathrooms and good size outdoor seating areas. Mobile home parks are often in great positions on the coast with fabulous views, or near to local tourist attractions.


If you own a motorhome (or have rented one for your holiday) then look no further than booking one of these popular spots in the UK. These campsites have a wide variety of pitches for motorhomes and many will also have excellent facilities on offer to make your holiday stress free and relaxing. Whether you want to park your motorhome on a cliff facing out to sea or by a bustling town, choose from these amazing campsites to make your holiday one to remember.


Bring your own tent, campervan or motorhome and find your perfect spot at one of the many campsites across the UK. With thousands of campsites to choose from with a host of different amenities and various pitches on offer, choose the perfect spot for your holiday.

Retro Camper

If you are looking for a different sort of holiday why not stay in a classic Campervan. These well designed, compact campers can be a really fun alternative to camping in a tent. Either hire one for an epic retro road trip or book one already parked up in a campsite for a taste of traditional van life.

Retro Caravan

For a holiday that is a bit different, why not hire a retro caravan to enjoy all the fun of camping but without having to hammer in the tent pegs. These beautiful old school caravans are great to look at but also cleverly designed and brilliantly made.

Safari Tent

These days, you don't have to be bedding down on the Kenyan Plains to spend the night in a luxury Safari tent. These wonderfully spacious and cosy glamping tents are now becoming very popular in the UK, so when you are thinking about booking a holiday with a bit of a difference - have a look at one of these. Often sleeping 6 people or more, Safari Tents have proper double beds, wood-burners, indoor and outdoor seating areas and kitchens. And they are fun! They have bags of room, so are a brilliant option for large families who all want to be under one (canvas) roof, and they give a regular holiday a bit of extra adventure. Safari tents are often located in rural campsites with wonderful far reaching views and tranquil surroundings, so you can be back to nature and under the stars.....without the hassle of tent pegs and head torches!

Shepherds Hut

Glamping in a Shepherds Hut is a real treat. You won't find any draughty corners or sheep shearers in here...these lovely converted wagons were originally used as a simple bed for a roaming shepherd and nowadays have been converted wonderfully cosy and very cool boltholes. Think sumptuous double beds, wood-burning stoves, kitchens, hot tubs and ensuite bathrooms. Coupled with the fact that they are located in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK, they make for a really unique and luxurious stay. Try something a bit different for your next holiday.

Static Homes

Book one of these fantastic static homes in a wide variety of locations across the UK for a stress free and relaxing break. With everything already set up for you to make life nice and simple, these static homes are in some truly stunning locations - whether you are looking for beaches, mountains or a city break with masses to do. Static homes come in all shapes and sizes and they perfect for families, couples or small groups, so you can be sure to find the perfect holiday to suit you.


If you have your own tent then book a fabulous outdoor camping holiday at one of the many campsites up and down the UK. These campsites welcome tents and offer an array of different amenities and adventures - choose whether to go nearly wild camping or pitch your tent in a holiday park with lots of things to do.

Tiny House

A Tiny House is a small, hand crafted eco cabin which provides comfy shelter for the night if you fancy a night of glamping rather than tent camping. Often simple in structure, they can be as luxurious or basic as you choose, and they are a fun alternative to other glamping accommodations such as shepherds huts and yurts.

Trailer Tent

Lying somewhere in between a canvas tent and towable caravan, trailer tents are a fantastic creation for those who want the joy of camping with a little but more space and comfort. A compact trailer towed behind your car can pop up into something pretty huge accommodation-wise, and you'll be the envy of all the campsite.


To stay somewhere completely different how about booking a bed high up in the treetops in one of these gloriously imaginative Treehouse stays.


Treehouses being built these days - in this incredible era of glamping 2.0 - are no ordinary treehouses.  Cedar clad walls, outdoor copper baths, floor to ceiling windows, wood-burners, stargazing decks in the treetops and indoor slides transporting you to hidden dens. In fact, they are so beautiful that even lovers of luxury hotels and fancy holiday homes are becoming converts to camping and glamping. It is the holiday no one dreamed was possible.  You are living indoors but outdoors, surrounded by nature and wildlife; your foundations are roots and your walls are branches. Wake up enveloped by nature and start exploring the different tree houses popping up all over the UK.

Twin Axle Vehicle

Larger Motorhomes and other twin axle vehicles are welcome at these campsites and have the space and the amenities to make sure you have a fantastic stay.


A stay in a Yurt provides a unique holiday experience like no other. These beautiful round timber framed houses are cool in the summer and cosy in the winter, meaning you can have an outdoor adventure at anytime of the year. Yurts are a really popular choice of accommodation because they provide much more space and warmth than regular camping, but are still very much a back to nature experience. Originally used as nomadic houses in 12th century Mongolia, yurts in recent years have had a huge revival, and more and more people are choosing them over hotels and self catering cottages. They are hugely fun, incredibly peaceful to sleep in and blend seamlessly into whatever surroundings they are in - whether it is the wilds of Dartmoor or the sandy beaches of Norfolk. Choose from the huge selection of yurts available in the UK and make sure your holiday this year is one with a difference!

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