The Best Wakeboard Cables in and around London

Wakeboarding is an awesome sport, and where better to wakeboard than around London, with a variety of locations on offer, cable wakeboarding in London is now accessible for all and possible.

Cable Wakeboarding

Cable Wakeboarding has been around for over 30 years now, originally originating in Germany, and is essentially a tow lift round a lake, there are a few subtle differences between this and boat riding, including the height of the pull, meaning aerials like the raley are easier to perform, as well as the plethora of sliders (rails) and kickers (ramps) that are now available in most cable parks, making cable wakeboarding a super fun experience for riders and spectators alike!

Top Locations in and around London

London has its' share of great locations to cable wakeboard, some of them are listed on HolidayFox and some you will need to get in touch with the provider directly to book. Check out our list below:

Thorpe Lakes Waterski

Thorpe Lakes waterski (previously JB Ski) was originally co-founded by professional waterskier John BattleDay. Now Thorpe Lakes it boasts a 4 point cable with some fantastic obstacles, and is based just off the M25 with easy access from London and the surrounding areas


Liquid Leisure Windsor

Liquid Leisure is one of the best cable parks in Europe. Host to Plastic Playground and with some of the best sliders from unit, this 5 point cable has it all.


Wakeup Docklands

Wakeup Docklands is a system 2.0 (2 point cable) based in the Docklands and easily accessible via public transport. It's pretty much as central as wakeboarding will get in the city. Boasting some great kickers and sliders, this is a great place for a quick session, and with the flexibility of the system 2.0, its a great setup to start learning aerial tricks.


Getting Started

When first starting on a wakeboard cable, it is always recommended to get a lesson. We'd strongly recommend starting on a 2 point cable to get the hang of going round corners first before progressing on to a bigger 4 or 5 point cable

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