Wakeboarding is like snowboarding on water. You are attached to a wakeboard sideways with both feet. You can wakeboard behind a boat and jump over the 'wake' the boat produces, or you can wakeboard at a cable wakeboard park.

Cable Wakeboarding

Cable wakeboarding is when you are pulled around the lake by a cable suspended overhead, very similar to a ski-lift, in fact most cable wakeboard manufacturers also make ski lifts. This is a fun way to wakeboard and allows up to 8 people to be attached at any one time.

Cable wakeboard parks usually have obstacles you can go over when you get the hang of it such as jumps and sliders (plastic rails) that you can slide along, making it even more fun!

Traditionally a cable requires a large amount of space and is quite expensive to get up and running, however more recently 2 way cable systems such as the System 2.0 be Seistec, and the Rixen Little Bro have launched which enable cables to be installed in small areas. The 2 way systems are for one rider at a time and are perfect for learning as the speed can be adjusted to suit the rider.

Boat Wakeboarding

Wakeboading behind a boat is when you are pulled by a line attached to the boat. Boat wakeboarding can be done on lakes inland or on the sea, but is best done when the water is flat.

Starting out

It's easy to get started with wakeboarding and usually most people are able to stand on their first attempt. A usual boat wakeboard session lasts 15 minutes, and a cable session can last up to 2 hours and 2 hours on the cable is usually a similar price to 15 minutes behind a boat.

Before trying wakeboarding you need to be a proficient swimmer as this is a water-based sport.

Who can do it?

6+ years old
Some activity, walking, standing, and potentially other activity such as swimming or climbing

What experience is required?

Everyone can take part no experience required

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