These days you need to really hunt for a Lido. They are out there but you need to know where to look. And when you find one they really are worth it. From Devon to Aberdeen to Yorkshire you can find magnificent outdoor swimming pools across the UK, and they combine exercise, mental wellbeing and the wonders of fresh air. Don't believe me? Give it a try. The feeling of outdoor swimming really does wonders for the soul. Plus some of them have really amazing views too.

Most lidos are open in the warmer months only (how very, very sensible) but some are open all year round. Brrr. So in this instance pack a wetsuit, ice pick and Bear Grylls survival pack for when you drag yourself out. Yes OK I'm a fair-weather Lido swimmer. But this is to my detriment I'm sure. Studies have actually proven that swimming in colder water helps you sleep better, improves circulation and boosts your immune system. Plus, you feel like a total hero when you come out of the water and everyone is clapping. Find a Lido near you and give it a go!

Who can do it?

All Ages
Some activity, walking, standing, and potentially other activity such as swimming or climbing

What experience is required?

Everyone can take part no experience required

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