Printmaking sounds more mystical than it is. In fact I had to google it before I realised that actually, it is something I've (sort of ) done with my kids a few times before, in novice format. A class or course would be much more fun here, with someone who has all the right printing bits and pieces and you can leer at other peoples work. Most importantly, the mess is in someone else's place.

Essentially Printmaking is when the Artist (or crazed child with a crafting tool)carves or makes an image in a certain material (wood, metal, styrofoam, that sort of thing) and then uses that image to make a print on paper or fabric. Kids can make their own stamps or use leaves or other things to make a print. Possibilities are pretty endless but you get the gist.

For the more creative or adventurous, you can make silkscreen prints that are transposed onto surfaces using a printing press. T-shirts can also be personalised this way.

It's great fun and an activity everyone can have a go at, plus you get a fabulous piece of artwork to take home and show off to your friends (if your print fails, just buy something in the gift shop and pass it off as your own)......

Who can do it?

All Ages
No fitness requirement, fully accessible and can be done whislt seated

What experience is required?

Everyone can take part no experience required

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