Think you can only surf in exotic locations? Think again!

There is some amazing surfing to be had throughout the UK from Newquay to North Wales. While surfing might seem super cool from the outside (and it is!) is it surprisingly family friendly and something you and the kids can all enjoy. So why not hit the beach and give surfing a go?

Getting a lesson is the best way to start to learn to surf. Group lessons are usually the most popular. The instructor will take you through a warm up then basic safety, and then explain how to paddle and stand up. After this you take to the water and try and catch your first waves!

Expect to stand on the first or second lesson. Surfing is quick to get the hang of, highly addictive, and takes a lifetime to master meaning you will never stop learning!

Before starting to surf you will need to know how to swim as this is a water based sport!

Who can do it?

6+ years old
Some activity, walking, standing, and potentially other activity such as swimming or climbing

What experience is required?

Everyone can take part no experience required

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