Tours and River Cruises

If you decide to take a holiday in the UK to an area you don't know (or maybe you do but want to know more), an excellent way of seeing around and actually getting to see the "best bits" is by taking a tour with a local guide or someone in the know.

Walking tours, cycling tours, boat tours, pogo-stick tours (ok maybe not the last one) - whatever suits your family best, can be booked online or at local visitor information centres and make a real difference to your stay. You can find out the history of a place, local facts or even go on something weird and wonderful like a ghost walk or follow in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or Jack the Ripper. Eek. An open top bus journey can take away the hours pounding the pavement to look around a large city.

Boat trips and river cruises are also a great way of seeing a lot of things in a small amount of time, giving you a completely different aspect of the town you are visiting. Join a large boat or charter something smaller yourself and follow the river along to get a better look at all the surround countryside.

Who can do it?

All Ages
Low activity level, there maybe some standing or walking

What experience is required?

Everyone can take part no experience required

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