There are some absolutely stunning waterfalls to visit in the UK. From the jaw dropping Mealt Falls in the Isle of Sky to the eerie beauty of the underground cascades in the Dan-y-Ogof caves in Wales, there is something about a crashing torrent of water that leaves even the least outdoorsy of us in complete awe.

There are lots to find and explore in many parts of England, Wales and Scotland. Always check the local information beforehand to assess the level of the walk. Most waterfalls are not anywhere near a road, so will require some amount of hiking to get to either a viewpoint or the top or bottom. This could be a gentle stroll along a well marked footpath, or a two hour climb up a steep slope and if you have your family with you and a variety of ages and abilities, make sure you get it right!

Waterfalls really are a thing of beauty and are often located in large national parks with stunning scenery all around. The kids might complain about a bit of a walk, but then be completely blown away at the top when they see the crashing waterfall below. On hotter days it is often possible to swim in one of the clear pools at the bottom (but always check the signs!)

Who can do it?

All Ages
Low activity level, there maybe some standing or walking

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Everyone can take part no experience required

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