Minimum 3 Nights
Max 2 People

Check in time - 3:30 pm

Check out time - 10:00 am am

About this place

The Serena is the perfect choice for any small group or couple - with a modern leisure area featuring a table and chairs, 2 stove hob, sink and plenty of storage. The Nissan Serena is a nimble vehicle and very easy to use and drive, featuring an android infotainment system, google maps and Bluetooth. The Serena has a very specious and comfortable double bed and is able to drive 5 people. Features: 2 Stove Hob Sink Rock and Roll Double Bed Android Infotainment System Rear TV Seating Area with Table

Follow Frank
Follow Frank
• Campervan

In 1958 an American by the name of “Raymond Frank” desperate to take his family to Florida and the mid west on vacation thought of an idea…….The idea was to take his van and convert it internally so that it could sleep the family, cook food and have washing facilities. Thus enabling them to travel and stay all in one, Frank coined the term “Motorhome” for his new home on wheels and officially the motorhome as we now know it was born!The 27 foot Motorhome was the envy of all other campers that summer of '58 and in less than 18 months thereafter Frank had built and sold seven Motorhomes and incorporated Frank Motorhomes Inc”.60 years later here at Follow Frank we pay homage to the great man and invite you all to do as Frank did….(no not build one)….but explore the great outdoors, travel, adventure and be at one with your friends and family. We have a real passion for motor homing and the heritage that Frank created in the 1950's and anything we can do to help we will!

Cancellation Policy:
Free Cancellation up to 10 days, 80% refund given up to 7 days, 50% refund given up to 4 days, no refund given up to 2 days, with an admin fee of £10.00

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Is smoking allowed at Nissan Serena in Follow Frank?

No, Nissan Serena is non-smoking.

What time can I arrive at Nissan Serena in Follow Frank?

You can arrive from 15:30

What time do I need to check out by at Nissan Serena in Follow Frank?

You need to check out by 10:00